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The Rink Village
A Spoon Farm
The Waterlilly Stop
Raspberry Mountain
Sounds Came and Went, Then There Was Nothing
Loop Station
Distortion and Chorus
Harvest of the Southern Block
Waves of Record
Drift Static
Ocean Mist
Hands of Water #04.54
The Breakwater #04.54
Curious Compass Reading #04.1
Mapping the Current #04.122
Whitewater Was Unexpected #04
Travelers by Sea
Atlantic Cut
Trick! #02.177
The Dangerous Cooks (#199)
The Dangerous Cooks (#193)
Highwater Blue (00.100)
Deepwater Crossing (00.92)
Tidewater Shoal (00.94)
Open Water Venue (00.95)

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Artist  Scott Sandell
Title The Rink Village
Artist's Proofs 10
Printer's Proofs 5
Medium Giclée on Somerset Velvet
Image Size 42 x 13.5
Paper Size 42 x 13.5
Edition Size 95
Product P4530
Price $650

Availability is limited, however a sample of recent works appear here. Please contact Drybrush for the most recent gallery acquisitions.
     Scott Sandell, The Rink Village