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Artist  Paul Chojnowski
Portfolio New York Suite
Title Park Avenue Underpass
Artist's Proofs 0
Printer's Proofs 6
Giclée with woodblock on Hawk Mountain Peregrine paper
Image Size 9.5 x 7
Paper Size 22 x 16.25
Edition Size 15
Product F0006
Price $325

Paul Chojnowski's New York Suite
consists of six landmark views of the
world's most famous city. Each image
captures the excitement and energy of
the City at night, and when seen as
a group, evokes universal memories of
being in New York, and feeling a part of
its fiber.

Chojnowski creates his work using a blow
torch in lieu of a sable brush. Amid
smoke and flames rise his unique "fire
drawings." In this portfolio, the fire
drawings were digitally captured, and
printed as Giclées in editions of only
15. Each print has an additional
woodblock impression and is printed on
100% archival Hawk Mountain Peregrine

Editioning was done by Deepwater
Editions in Sag Harbor, New York.

  Paul Chojnowski, New York Suite