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Artist  Scott Sandell
Portfolio Vineyard
Title Geneva Double Curtain
Artist's Proofs 3
Printer's Proofs 0
Silkscreen, lithograph, hand painting, with handmade papers
Image Size 44.25 x 15
Paper Size 44.25 x 15
Edition Size 12
Product F0014
Price $1000

In 1993 I moved into a new studio
adjacent to one of Long Island's largest
and most beautiful vineyards. As the
seasons changed, so did the vineyard.
Over the years, I spent a great deal of
time in the long rows of Merlot,
Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc. I learned
where the soil was especially sandy and
produced berries that were small and
concentrated. I had the opportunity to
watch the new vines being planted,
maturing, and eventually yielding their
first vintage. I picked the grapes,
watched them being pressed, and tasted
the wines from the French oak barrels.
The ocean light, as it passes through
the slightly rolling terroir, has become
a huge influencing factor in my work.
This portfolio documents changes in the
vineyard over the course of the year and
attempts to capture a little of the
romance of this special place.

Each print is built from hand painted
and hand printed panels, printed and
collaged by the artist. Printed
impressions were executed on the etching
press at Deepwater Editions, Sag Harbor,
New York. Additional silkscreen
impressions were printed in the artist's
studio. AU painted panels were
over-printed with transparent varnish to
seal the colors and protect the print.
Substrate papers for all works in the
folio are Arches cover weight. Collage
elements include: papers made by the
artist, kozo paper with mango leaf
inclusions, kozo paper with banana bark
inclusions, kozo with grass inclusions,
and Japanese Suzuki paper.

     Scott Sandell, Vineyard