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Artist  Scott Sandell
Portfolio Red Weather Suite
Title Streamer
Artist's Proofs 3
Printer's Proofs 0
Digital photograph with screenprinting, and lithographic varnish on Hawk Mountain Peregrine 300 gsm. paper.
Image Size 66 x 22
Paper Size 66 x 22
Edition Size 12
Product F0024
Price $1125

"My work has always been about
documentation; recording color and
light, fleeting thoughts, or spatial
relationships. There are many tools
involved in the realization of the
images, and recently the camera has
stepped to the forefront. In the end,
the photographic images serve as collage
elements in the creation of a visual
tableau, and the success of the picture
is dependent upon every component of the
composition, be it a photograph or a
brushstroke. The new work provides an
open window into my life, with street
scenes of New York juxtaposed with
detail images from the vineyards of
eastern Long Island. It is, really,

     Scott Sandell, Red Weather Suite